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Any.do App

Different apps for your smartphone can help you accomplish all kinds of tasks. Whatever your business or your hobbies, you can find an app to help.

Among the things that apps can promote are organization and productivity. The Any.do app falls into this category. With so much scheduling and business communications done through smartphones, effective productivity apps can be incredibly useful. For people who have a multitude of tasks and appointments to manage, using a productivity app can help ensure that nothing gets overlooked.


The Any.do Company was founded in Israel in 2011. Over the past five years, the apps created by the Any.do Company have reached a level of 7 million users. This is due to their innovative technology and apps that cater to people looking to enhance their productivity. The Company is gradually expanding its presence in the app market by introducing new products that apply to different aspects of organization.

In 2011, the Any.do Company launched a task management app. This was their introductory smartphone product. It was first introduced for the Android phone, and later developed for iPhone. The app can help store and organize lists of different tasks. It is equipped with voice recognition and automated predictive text. With the help of this app, you can log your different activities and help to store them in an efficient manner. The task management app has many features which make it convenient for users. When you begin entering your tasks in the app, you can have access to an unlimited amount of task folders. This keeps people from having to stop and delete old tasks in order to make room for new ones. In addition, the app provides reminders for the user about upcoming events or tasks, and it can be transferred to all devices via cloud software. These options make the app an effective tool for time and task management.

The Any.do Company is working towards a complete productivity set of apps. After introducing the task management app, Any.do introduced The Cal. This is a calendar app that allows the user to conduct scheduling activities. The calendar app became very popular, and has achieved wide usage. It has several features that make it user-friendly. Like the task management app, it gives frequent reminders about the location and dates of different events. In addition, it is also capable of synching across different devices through cloud software. Its usability makes it a beneficial app for users.

The Any.do Company is planning to complete its suite of apps by introducing two more products to enhance productivity. Next on their schedule are an email app and a memo app. These apps were announced in 2013, and should be on the market shortly. They will supplement the existing productivity features of the task management and calendar apps that have already been released by Any.do. It is likely that these apps will follow the trends of the company and include device-wide synching, programmable alerts and voice recognition. Once these apps are introduced, the Any.do company will be able to provide its users with a well-rounded and thorough option for complete productivity.