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Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet

How to Use Facebook to Explode Your Traffic and Become an Authority in Your Niche

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet and the second most visited website on the net after Google. There are huge marketing opportunities here and especially if you attempt to use the site’s purpose-built advertising platform.


How Facebook Ads Work

Facebook advertising is a form of PPC advertising. This means ‘Pay Per Click’, so advertisers (you) only pay when someone actually clicks on one of the ads, taking them to your website.

You set the amount you’re willing to pay (your CPC – Cost Per Click) by ‘bidding’. The higher your bid, the more often your ad will be shown, leading to more potential traffic to your site.

As an added measure, you can also set a maximum budget which is the most that you’re willing to pay over a set period. This makes Facebook advertising particularly flexible to suit a variety of budgets.

Facebook is also very powerful for its ability to target. It allows you to select who sees your ads based on:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Job title
  • Interests

You can also target your users by ‘behavior’ which can be useful for particular industries.

Types of Facebook Ad

There are a lot of different types of Facebook ad.

These include:

Domain Ad: These appear only in the right column and link out externally to other websites.

Page Post Links: These are promoted posts from your Facebook page. They will appear in the homefeed normally (though they can appear in the right hand column) and they feature a large, HD image.

Multi-Product: These ads scroll through products, effectively allowing you to show off multiple items with a single ad. Page Like: These are used to help you generate more page likes.

Page Post Photo: Like Page Post Links but for images rather than links.

Page Post Videos: For using videos to promote a Facebook page.

Page Post Text: Really these have very little advantage over Page Post Photos.

Other types include Events, Offers, Mobile Apps and Desktop Apps (for promoting apps for mobile devices and Facebook respectively).

CPA Advertising

CPA means ‘Cost Per Action’. When you use CPA, this means you’ll only be charged if someone completes a target ‘action’. These can include downloading apps, redeeming offers or liking a Facebook page. These types of ad can provide great ROI because you don’t pay for clicks that don’t lead anywhere.

Tips for More Effective Facebook Ads

Here are some tips that can help you to get even more from your Facebook ads:

  • Try Facebook Power Editor – this is a powerful tool for advertisers with large numbers of ads
  • Use split testing – this means comparing slightly different versions of your ad campaign to see which is most successful
  • Think about your title – a good title grabs attention and promotes your value proposition. But if you are paying per click, you also want to try and filter people who will click.
  • Think about what makes people click ‘like’. Normally this is about expressing yourself or about communication.



Facebook App

Facebook is a fairly pervasive presence in modern media. People of all ages use it on a daily basis. It can be used to communicate with friends and family, post pictures and status updates, and follow contemporary culture. With the presence of the Facebook app, the website has become even more ingrained in daily life.


Before the Facebook app, people mainly accessed the website through their laptops. Since Facebook began as a social media website exclusively for college students, accessing it in this manner made sense. It contributed largely to the spread and popularity of the site. College students who were frequently using their laptops anyway, had a website to go to whenever they wanted. As it grew in popularity, it expanded beyond college students to high school students. Eventually, it expanded even further. Now to have a Facebook account, you need only an email address and it not required to end in .edu.

Facebook opened up to all email addresses at an interesting time. Right around the time everyone started using the social media site, smartphones also arrived on the market. With more people using Facebook, and more people using apps in general, the climate was perfect for the introduction of the Facebook app. Now, users can perform all of the functions of Facebook from their phones. The Facebook app has helped promote the website, making it a permanent fixture within the culture of social media.

The main applications of Facebook are writing posts, sending messages, and uploading pictures. All of these things can be done from the Facebook app on a smartphone. In some ways, the Facebook app streamlines the process and is easier to use than a standard web browser. For example, if you want to upload pictures, it is easy to do so directly from your phone, rather than transferring them to your computer first.

The Facebook app has also helped to expand the functions of the website. When people can check Facebook from their phone, it is more convenient and can be done from any location. Unlike the web browser version, you don’t need to be in a place where you are using your laptop to check Facebook. This makes it more of a foundation for things in addition to its regular social media purpose. For example, people are no longer using Facebook just to follow their friends and acquaintances. In recent years, celebrities and news organizations use Facebook as a means of self-promotion and story publication. If you follow any news organization on Facebook, you can see their posts instantaneously. The Facebook app provides a cross-reference opportunity as well. In addition to being able to see news stories on current events, users can instantly see public reaction through people’s likes and comments.

Like the website, the Facebook app is constantly undergoing changes. Its creators are continually updating its features and its content to make it as user-friendly as possible. As more and more people continue to use the Facebook website, the app will continue to grow in popularity. It is safe to say that the Facebook app has achieved a permanent place within the tech culture.


Daze App

Apps are a major part of the smartphone and technology industry. They have been developed for almost everything imaginable. New apps continue to appear on the market all the time. Smartphone users love apps that apply to their own hobbies or experiences. One of the advantages of owning a smartphone is that you can download apps that suit your own personal preferences.


Photo apps are a major sector of the app market. Since smartphones are so commonly used to take pictures, photo apps are incredibly popular. When people can manipulate their pictures, a smartphone becomes preferable to even a camera. With the help of the right photo app, you can create a photo result that is exactly what you want.

Exiting photo apps include Instagram, Pixlr, and Aviary. These are a few of the most popular apps, however, there are many more on the market. There are many applications of these photo apps. People use these apps for a variety of reasons when trying to perfect or adjust their photos. They offer the option of simple photo editing, such as cropping, adjusting brightness and red-eye correction. These actions can provide the perfect finishing touch for your photo. Even if you like your photo to begin with, selecting one of these options can help you improve it and make a result that you are even happier with in the end.

In addition to simple photo editing, there are more advanced options that come with photo apps. For example, Instagram is known for its popular filters. Though these filters are very simple to use, they can dramatically alter the overall look and feel of a photo. When choosing a filter, you can select something that you feel corresponds to the mood and tone of your photograph. Many people find that they like photos better once they are set with an Instagram filter. Additional apps have begun to provide similar services. By simply clicking a button, users can create a new version of their photograph.

The Daze app provides one of these options. Known as Rainy Daze, it gives users the chance to set their pictures with rainy overtones. It offers several different selections of rain to combine with photographs. This can be a great way to enhance the mood of a photo. If it is taken outdoors, the cloudy or rainy background can make the photo more dramatic or expressive. In addition, you can use the Rainy Daze app to make a joke photo or meme. Taking a regular photo of someone and adding the presence of thunderclouds can be used in multiple ways. If someone is smiling on a sunny day, and their photo background is replaced with rain, the contradiction can produce a humorous rather than a typical photo.

The Rainy Daze app is perfect for anyone who is looking for more diversity in their photo options. If you enjoy changing your photos with Instagram filters, you will most likely enjoy the experimentation that can be done with the Rainy Daze app. It opens up a whole new host of options for your to choose from, making your photos truly unique.


anydo App

Different apps for your smartphone can help you accomplish all kinds of tasks. Whatever your business or your hobbies, you can find an app to help.

Among the things that apps can promote are organization and productivity. The app falls into this category. With so much scheduling and business communications done through smartphones, effective productivity apps can be incredibly useful. For people who have a multitude of tasks and appointments to manage, using a productivity app can help ensure that nothing gets overlooked.


The Company was founded in Israel in 2011. Over the past five years, the apps created by the Company have reached a level of 7 million users. This is due to their innovative technology and apps that cater to people looking to enhance their productivity. The Company is gradually expanding its presence in the app market by introducing new products that apply to different aspects of organization.

In 2011, the Company launched a task management app. This was their introductory smartphone product. It was first introduced for the Android phone, and later developed for iPhone. The app can help store and organize lists of different tasks. It is equipped with voice recognition and automated predictive text. With the help of this app, you can log your different activities and help to store them in an efficient manner. The task management app has many features which make it convenient for users. When you begin entering your tasks in the app, you can have access to an unlimited amount of task folders. This keeps people from having to stop and delete old tasks in order to make room for new ones. In addition, the app provides reminders for the user about upcoming events or tasks, and it can be transferred to all devices via cloud software. These options make the app an effective tool for time and task management.

The Company is working towards a complete productivity set of apps. After introducing the task management app, introduced The Cal. This is a calendar app that allows the user to conduct scheduling activities. The calendar app became very popular, and has achieved wide usage. It has several features that make it user-friendly. Like the task management app, it gives frequent reminders about the location and dates of different events. In addition, it is also capable of synching across different devices through cloud software. Its usability makes it a beneficial app for users.

The Company is planning to complete its suite of apps by introducing two more products to enhance productivity. Next on their schedule are an email app and a memo app. These apps were announced in 2013, and should be on the market shortly. They will supplement the existing productivity features of the task management and calendar apps that have already been released by It is likely that these apps will follow the trends of the company and include device-wide synching, programmable alerts and voice recognition. Once these apps are introduced, the company will be able to provide its users with a well-rounded and thorough option for complete productivity.


Mint App

With the growth of the smartphone industry apps are continually developing. If there is something you are looking for, or an activity you are interested in, an app can usually help you. Anyone with a certain task in mind can find an app that applies to their particular situation.

Apps have a multitude of uses including entertainment, information gathering, conducting business or academic affairs and managing your tasks and finances. The Mint App is one that helps users collect and organize their financial data.
There are several apps that are devoted to financial concerns. Smartphone users can download apps to check their credit card balances, conduct banking online, or even monitor the stock market. All of these financial activities are important. But to properly manage your finances, it is important to look at the big picture. The Mint App is unique because of its comprehensiveness.


With the help of the Mint App you can do a thorough overhaul of your financial organization. It is very easy to use because it collects all of your financial information and stores it in one place. It can synthesize your data, providing you with a complete picture of your financial state. This app allows you to monitor your credit card statements, bills, bank accounts, and investments. When you look at your financial assets in this kind of way, you can see everything that is available to you. This makes the Mint App truly useful in figuring out what your next steps should be financially. It is an organizational tool with huge potential for simplifying your financial transactions and management.

By looking at the big picture with your finances, the Mint App can help you develop a budget as well. It is important to keep track of all income and debts when you are figuring out your budget and mapping your financial future. To budget properly, you need to be aware of exactly what you are dealing with. This makes the Mint App particularly useful for this type of financial management. For example, just creating a budget based on your income will not be sufficient. For a budget to work, you have to include your ongoing debts, monthly bills and liabilities, as well as your supplemental income for outside sources such as investments. The Mint App takes all of these areas into consideration, providing you with a balanced financial picture.

People use apps all the time for organization. Smartphone apps are great for getting organized because they keep information that is with you constantly. Calendars help us organize our events. Email apps help us organize our correspondence. Photo apps keep our pictures sorted and dated. It only makes sense to use the helpful features of an app when it comes to your finances. If you are looking for a good financial data app, consider trying the Mint App. It is user-friendly and provides an efficient way to manage your money. Once you start using the app, you will find that keeping your finances organized can be relatively simple and painless. The Mint App may even make it fun!



Polaris Office App

There is no doubt that smartphones are fun to use. They contain games, shopping, books and social media.

However, many people rely on their smartphones for more than just entertainment. Smartphones are also extensively used in business as effective productivity tools.

Since there has been a demand for business-related options, the number of apps in this category has proliferated.

People who want to use their smartphones to assist with their business transactions or productivity have a wide array of options.

One of the most useful business apps available is the Polaris Office app.


This app was designed for the Android and has become increasingly popular. It has many features that make it uniquely accessible and user-friendly. Many people have chosen Polaris Office app to manage their business and professional matters.

The Polaris Office app can store and transmit documents. This makes it incredibly valuable for people trying to conduct business from their phones. It can read documents in a variety of formats. This is also a useful feature, since varying document formats can be difficult to convert. Getting a document in the proper format is a challenge when using a regular computer also. When people have different word processors, or different editions, it can be hard for documents to open. This is a major bonus of using Polaris Office. Most documents will be readable despite the chosen word processor they are created with.

Another advantage to using the Polaris Office app is that its features are similar to using a word processor on your computer. For example, within the Polaris Office app there is an easy-to-use Search and Find feature. This can be extremely important for anyone using the app for business or academic reasons. If you have a long document, you may need to locate a certain section quickly. But using Find and Replace, you can navigate your document with ease. This tool is very popular in traditional word processors. Polaris translates its usefulness into the app format.

The Polaris Office app also allows the user to read comments. The Track and Comment feature is very popular in word processors. This provides a fast and efficient means of editing documents or making suggestions. The Polaris app is not yet equipped for people to make comments from their phone. However, using the app you can open a document and read comments from your phone. This helps to simplify and streamline the editing process.

There are still some drawbacks to the Polaris Office app. A few features need to be tweaked to improve its usability. However, among the different Office apps available, Polaris is one of the best. It offers comprehensive features for document viewing and editing. If you are going to be doing work on the go, Polaris Office app is an indispensable tool. You can learn to use it quickly and easily. One of its many advantages is that it provides a thorough explanation for users to navigate its features.

If you download Polaris Office app, you will be using it to facilitate your business or studies right away.


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